On Wednesday, May 18, the formalization of the strategic alliance agreement was carried out between Alpachaca Muyuverde - a community based company from Quiport’s social responsibility and shared value program called Nuestra Huerta - and the San Francisco de Quito’s University (USFQ). Thanks to this agreement, farmers of Nuestra Huerta received advice and technical support from agronomy students for 8 months to improve and optimize their agricultural production processes.

The agreement contemplated the support of 28 students to 15 farmers of Nuestra Huerta in aspects of advice for the production and harvesting of agricultural products, new techniques for planting vegetables, vegetables and fruit trees, technical support, donation of plants, use of eco-friendly fertilizers and more, thus strengthening the business of several families in the ​influence area of the Quito airport.

During the protocol ceremony, Eduardo Alba, a USFQ Dean, mentioned: “We are grateful for this opportunity to be in the field, to take away that academic arrogance of learning from the classroom. This is a two-way win,” he commented.

For his part, César Zambrano, Dean of Research at USFQ, congratulated the Nuestra Huerta agroecological project for having a very important scope not only for the community but also for its students.

Meanwhile, Ramón Miró, President and CEO of Quiport, thanked USFQ for betting on working with the communities neighboring the airport and for having selected Nuestra Huerta project. In addition, he commented that the success of Nuestra Huerta is the success of Quiport and all the communities surrounding the airport, adding: "This project has had a direct positive impact on farmers, significantly improving their income due to quality issues and service options. market, by having an improved product”.

Nuestra Huerta, since its inception as a project and now as a community company, has maintained significant growth that is projected towards sustainability.