• The meeting, held in Quito, brought together airlines, airports and air transport authorities in the country.

• Quiport CEO, Ramón Miró, participated in the panel on 'Operational needs for the growth of aviation in Ecuador'.

The Aviation Day Ecuador organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) represented a magnificent opportunity to discuss the most relevant issues regarding the development of air passenger and cargo transport in the country, bringing together airlines, airports and authorities in the same forum in order to identify the common interests of all those involved in the activity and formulate proposals for practical solutions to the problems of the industry.

b2 Aviation Day Ecuador IATA

Corporación Quiport, as concessionaire of Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport, was one of the sponsors of this event, held on March 17, and which returns to the country after almost 15 years.

“I am very happy that air transport has come together in Ecuador to address the great challenges and opportunities that the industry has in the country. I thank Quiport for its support in holding this important event. I am sure that all the players in the industry can work on a joint agenda that allows us to strengthen this important economic engine in a sustainable way and for the benefit of the Ecuadorian people,” said Peter Cerdá, Regional Vice President of IATA.

Meanwhile, Ramón Miró, President and General Director of Corporación Quiport, stressed that “bringing together the main actors of air transport in Quito should lead us to establish a joint roadmap that facilitates the development of aviation in Ecuador. We know that supporting this type of initiative is the right thing to do and we are happy to have the high-ranking representatives of IATA in the region, as well as the country's airports and air transport and aviation authorities, in our city. In addition, it is a great example of the important teamwork that has been carried out”, said Mr. Miró.

Ramón Miró participated in the panel on 'Operational needs for the growth of aviation in Ecuador' along with Ángel Córdova, CEO of TAGSA, Jorge Rosillo, CEO of the Galapagos Ecological Airport, Alexis Morel, Regional Airport Manager Latin Americans from JetBlue and Frederico Pedreira, Vice President of Operations for Avianca. The moderator of the panel was the general director of the International Council of Airports of Latin America and the Caribbean, Rafael Echevarne.

The panel covered topics such as infrastructure capacity, planning, facilitation, user needs, customer experience, sustainability, and operations.